Association of Real Estate Appraisers

To contact CAREA or one of our members, please send an email to or by using this link

We will respond to you usually within 2 business days; please keep in mind that we do no have any office staff at CAREA and are run by volunteers only.  

President - Presides over all Board and General Membership meetings; handles name badges; and fills in as needed by board members.  Jeff Whaley

Vice President - Coordinates continuing education programs including state accreditation; handles meeting announcements; coordinates meeting venue; audits financial records; serves as President in the former's absence or in-capacitance.  MJ Carroll and Bryant Vayhinger

Past President -  Pam Herre and Doug Loeper

Secretary - Provides minutes for Board and general meetings; updates membership roster with Treasurer; and updates club history.  Pam Thomason

Co-Secretary - Handles CE certification: verification of attendance; printing and distribution of CE certificates.  Kelly Preisser

Treasurer - Handles all financial elements and files annual state not-for-profit paperwork; approves new members.  Robin Tenney

Hospitality Coordinator - Handles communication with the meeting facility. Helps to ensure the facility will have adequate food and accommodations for the associations bi-monthly meetings. Gerry Roybal

Trainee Liaison - Organizes meetings for prospective trainees and mentors and maintains a list of interested parties on both sides.  CURRENTLY OPEN!

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