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CAREA Meeting January 16, 2013

Topic - Searching the Pikes Peak MLS, with an Overview of Creating your own 1004MC, presented by Jo Stinett.

Mike Garret opened the meeting. He spoke about the raffle items and encouraged members to buy tickets.
Jo Stinett then spoke and introduced the new 2013 board members:
President : Pam Herre
Vice-President - Gerry Roybal
Treasurer - Jon Handy
Secretary - Christina Kautza
Hospitality - Mike Garrett
A vote was taken and the new board was approved by the CAREA members.
Pam Herre then thanked Jo Stinett for her hard work and accomplishments as the previous president of CAREA. A gift was given to Jo for our gratitude for all her hard work.
Two items were then brought up for approval:
1) Allow Northern CAREA members and El Paso County Assessors employees to receive continuing education credits for attending the CAREA meetings.
2) Allow El Paso County Assessor employees to be Affiliate Members. Both were passed by
Jo Stinett then presented CAREA website instruction. She went over the proper way to register for CAREA meetings and encouraged members to update their profiles, so the member list can be available to the public. To register for a meeting: log on with email and password. Got to events, click register, and register as a CAREA member.

Jo Stinett then instructed members how to set up a custom MLS search. Go to search residential. Click on form fields, then click on remove field at bottom of page to remove items. Type in items to add in box on lower left, then click on add to search.
Chose equals box or not equals to customize more.
Click save search and name it.
To manage columns, click on column manager. Click set up grid, create new column, name your grid, pick items to keep, then save.
Download to excel by clicking on download.
Use tab delimited, do not compress, then copy and past into excel.
Click edit, select all, right click, copy, open spread sheet neighborhood.
Customize headers.

15 minute break.

Jo Stinett then showed members how to design your own report.
Go to reports, then reports manager, click on new report button, flyer, data field, images, or toolbox and drag over items you wish to have in your report. Once done, name and save.

To have report as a default, go to my tools, personal defaults,and chose report views, then save.

Jo Stinett then went over how to download data for the 1004mc. 
Meeting concluded at 8:30 PM.

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