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CAREA General Meeting 1-18-2012

CAREA welcomes five new members this month.  Welcome!

Gary Eisenbraun would like to let us know that FHA will be hitting on certain things, such as making sure that the quality rating (Q3) matches the photographs.  Also if you have to leave your subject neighborhood you now have a property that does not conform and this will need to be addressed in the appraisal report. Also, make sure your cost approach is current.  FHA is checking the numbers and if they don’t jibe you will get notified. Every FHA appraiser will be reviewed at least one time every three years.  email him to register for the sold out FHA class.

AMC legislation is being presented on the house floor very very soon.  Currently there are need to democrat supporters.  We needto garner Republican support.   DORA is looking for any information on experiences with AMC’s.  Information needs to be factual and not emotional.

Welcome John Handy as the new CAREA treasurer! 

Thank you, Colin for helping to present tonight!


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