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May 21st2014 – General Meeting:

Jo – talked more about CCA and what services they provide for our donation.  Noted items such as the BOREA snafu and update on the research of the expert witness bill discussed in prior month.
Pam covered introductory items – noted that there will be a disto for the EoY raffle potentially.

Pam discussed with general membership about associating with Ala Mode as part of their local appraiser association community initiative.  General vote passes motion.  This allows anyone associated with CAREA who purchases Ala Mode products or attends their events gets a small rebate that goes to CAREA.  This is to support local appraiser organizations and there is no obligation on the part of the appraisal group.

CE Presentation: “Going Mobile” w/ Pam, Jo and Doug

See attached presentation in FYI section.

Pam spoke the majority of the time – showed total for IPAD mobile walked through an entire sequence.

Discussed strengths and weaknesses as well as the expected learning curve and where she experienced time gains.

Had Q&A period

Jo discussed utilizing mobile for click forms.  Not as advanced as alamode’s total mobile but has some nice features.  She is discussing with Bradford regarding some advancements of the software.

Mostly discussed the benefits of the sketch program.

Douglas presented shortly at the end of the meeting regarding the benefits of advancing the in office technology and bought his home system set up to demonstrate:  features included dual monitors, SSHD use and portrait vs. landscape monitors.

Kerry Mckittrick previous assistant to Douglas Loeper presented his services for technology help and upgrading systems.  Has familiarity with both modern computer systems as well as many forms of appraisal software technology and needs.  Phone number for contact is 719 339 0003.

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